Mystery Trails

 Specialise in providing self-guided themed adventures across Ireland

Why choose us?

What is a Mystery Trail?

Mystery Trail's is a fun and imaginative way to explore towns and cities around Ireland, on a themed walking game. An easy to follow route will guide you from start to finish that allows you to crack the clues whilst taking in some of the most fascinating sights along the way.

Who is it for?

Mystery Trails is for everyone, whether you are 5 or 105. Bond with friends and family as you make memories that last a lifetime. Be enchanted by our gripping adventures, that will allow you to investigate the hidden treasure's waiting for you within the towns and cities of Ireland.  

How does it work?

Once you select and purchase the trail you want, you will receive an email confirming payment and a PDF file containing your next adventure . Please ensure to check your junk folder in your emails for your confirmation email. Mystery trails is a self guided walk we are NOT there to meet you. We advise you explore at a pace that is comfortable for you and your detectives, pirates and spies. No trails goes unsolved as we provide a FREE text service to help you if needed. Once a PDF version of a trail has been sent it can not be exchanged for a different trail.

How do you print your Trail?  

Once a Mystery trail is purchased you can download it from a PDF link. You will also find the link in your email. Please ensure to check your junk folder in your emails for your confirmation email. When printing your trail PDF you will need four sheets of A4 paper (single sided). Once you have printed all four pages you will see they have been numbered, assemble them as follows:

Find the page with numbers 8 and 1 displayed on the bottom corner. Place this page faced down.

Page number 2 and 7 should be placed on top of the first page facing upwards. 

Page 6 and 3 are faced downwards on top of these pages.

Finally, page 4 and 5 are faced upwards on top of all of the sheets.

 Once you have put them together as instructed above, you should be able to fold your trail in half. Use the blank pages for your detective work as you solve the clues.

You can print your booklet in black and white or in colour! Please remember once a trail has been sent it can not be returned!


Turn a walk into an outdoor learning adventure. Finding outdoor educational activities which are fun, engaging and specific to your local area can be tough. Creating your own local Treasure Hunt is also time consuming- trust us, our Trail Writers know just how long it takes to put together a great Trail!